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Through our strategic plan, SHATEC is committed to mentoring our associates and students to be exceptional hosts and inspirational leaders, providing a source of shared knowledge and thought leadership for our industry and society, and creating unique experiences for the hospitality and tourism lifestyle industry.

우리의 전략적인 계획을 통해 SHATEC은 동료 및 학생들에게 업계에서 주인공 및 지도자가 되도록 업계와 사회에 공통의 지식과 사고 리더십을 제공하고 호텔 및 관광 라이프 스타일 산업에 독특한 경험을 제공 할 것을 약속합니다.

To be the preferred educational institution in Asia for hotel and tourism studies


To offer a host of opportunities to nurture talents for rewarding careers in the hotel and tourism industry


We are a caring organisation with a supportive environment that encourages feedback, sharing, acceptance of diversity and an enterprising mindset. We believe in teamwork and that everyone counts in the success of the organisation.



We are proactive in initiating improvements. We put our creative ideas into action.



 We are committed to service excellence. We do our best in all that we do. 



We are hospitable and caring. We are positive and professional. 



We are enthusiastic. We think of new ideas and see new perspectives. 



We take ownership and responsibility. We support each other to achieve goals.

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